Arka’s tees

ARKA is a collective of complex-minded individuals with one simple goal… to create art you can wear. Inspired by pop culture, social movements, science, nature and whatever else we choose, there are no limits to where our imaginations will take us. The result is a thought provoking design that is as unique as the person wearing it.

Delta T-Shirts

If you are looking for a minimalist and original pattern on your shirt we have something for you. Continuing with his geometric creations, Dutch artist Delta releases a new selection of graphic t-shirts, which have become quite popular following his many apparel collaborations. Five different hand drawn styles, each offered in multiple color choices, are now available through select Delta retailers.

Wolf t-shirts

Few years ago Three Wolf Moon t-shirt made by The Mountain company was an overnight interent sensation. Thousands of people buy that tee to gain special powers or attract numberless amount of women 😉 Today this animal’s pattern is still all the rage. Walking with your tees you can even hear some wolf whistle. Dont be shy, be a wolf!

EwaMADE t-shirts

Some people simply have a talent and use it to create a great stuff, such as for instance nice t-shirts. Today we present works of one very nice and gifted person who can change your plain t-shirt into unbelievably piece of art.

Panda t-shirts

Why panda? Maybe because it is so cute? Maybe because it has black patches around its eyes? Maybe because it lives in China? Nobody knows the reason why panda started to be one of the most repetitive pattern on t-shirt’s front …but do we really need the answer for that question? Let’s simply enjoy the beautiful panda-bear fashion trend.