Civil Ape’s Tees

Civil-Ape is a creative collective, located in St.Louis, MO. They began in early 2010 as a democratically curated network structured to share resources and foster collaboration. In a short time they’ve grown into a tightly knit team that provided an array of design services and create a variety of products.

Mishka’s Tees

MISHKA started in the early 2000’s after Greg stayed over Mikhail’s house in Brooklyn one night. Greg had just got back from Europe and had purchased a very obscure black metal record from a band called Sacrifyx. A band who, it is rumored, died in a plane crash the night after recording their kvlt opus.


UK brand Addict has teamed up with artist INSA on a series of t-shirts featuring his ‘Girls on Bikes’ project. Several of the images that the artist produced as part of the series at the time, have now been printed on t-shirts, for a small capsule collection in collaboration with Addict.

Guchagucha’s tees

GUCHAGUCHA is an art collective based in Madrid created by: Eduardo Bertone (Argentina) and Michiyo a.k.a ROJI (Japan). GUCHAGUCHA is interested in cultural fusion, mixture of styles and artistic expressions to show you something different and personal.

Due’s Tees

Has someone been bugging you about your taste in clothes? We’re guessing it was probably Lithuanian designers due. In a refreshing departure from the softer side of nature, its range of fabulous T-shirts has been digitally printed with hyper-realistic images of insects. We think you’d agree, they’re a lot more interesting to look at than yet another picture of a cat. (fab)

Marine style t-shirts

Marine style t-shirts were always in fashion. What’s more this kind of clothes is made not only for the sea dogs but also for other people who prefer to spend days on the dry land. Do not hesitate and try...

Marine style t-shirts were alw...

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