Mishka’s Tees

MISHKA started in the early 2000’s after Greg stayed over Mikhail’s house in Brooklyn one night. Greg had just got back from Europe and had purchased a very obscure black metal record from a band called Sacrifyx. A band who, it is rumored, died in a plane crash the night after recording their kvlt opus.

Guchagucha’s tees

GUCHAGUCHA is an art collective based in Madrid created by: Eduardo Bertone (Argentina) and Michiyo a.k.a ROJI (Japan). GUCHAGUCHA is interested in cultural fusion, mixture of styles and artistic expressions to show you something different and personal.

Due’s Tees

Has someone been bugging you about your taste in clothes? We’re guessing it was probably Lithuanian designers due. In a refreshing departure from the softer side of nature, its range of fabulous T-shirts has been digitally printed with hyper-realistic images of insects. We think you’d agree, they’re a lot more interesting to look at than yet another picture of a cat. (fab)

Delta T-Shirts

If you are looking for a minimalist and original pattern on your shirt we have something for you. Continuing with his geometric creations, Dutch artist Delta releases a new selection of graphic t-shirts, which have become quite popular following his many apparel collaborations. Five different hand drawn styles, each offered in multiple color choices, are now available through select Delta retailers.

Wolf t-shirts

Few years ago Three Wolf Moon t-shirt made by The Mountain company was an overnight interent sensation. Thousands of people buy that tee to gain special powers or attract numberless amount of women 😉 Today this animal’s pattern is still all the rage. Walking with your tees you can even hear some wolf whistle. Dont be shy, be a wolf!

B-movie inspired tees

Are you a fan of low-budget films? You know that guilty pleasure of watching rubber graves and plastic monsters. You think the best director ever was Ed Wood. Than my dear you should buy some b-movie inspired t-shirt. There are plenty of them online so you can choose the one that you like the most.