Mishka’s Tees

MISHKA started in the early 2000’s after Greg stayed over Mikhail’s house in Brooklyn one night. Greg had just got back from Europe and had purchased a very obscure black metal record from a band called Sacrifyx. A band who, it is rumored, died in a plane crash the night after recording their kvlt opus.

Guchagucha’s tees

GUCHAGUCHA is an art collective based in Madrid created by: Eduardo Bertone (Argentina) and Michiyo a.k.a ROJI (Japan). GUCHAGUCHA is interested in cultural fusion, mixture of styles and artistic expressions to show you something different and personal.

Sixpack tees

Some t-shirts may be wise. You look at them and everything seems to be at the right place. Slogans printed on the front are food for your thoughts, design gives you impression that it is taken stright from the modern art gallery. This kind of tees you can easily find on sixpack webpage. Enjoy!

Marine style t-shirts

Marine style t-shirts were always in fashion. What’s more this kind of clothes is made not only for the sea dogs but also for other people who prefer to spend days on the dry land. Do not hesitate and try...

Marine style t-shirts were alw...

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