Team Print Shop’s Tees

Team Print Shop was founded in 2011 by a some of the most experienced printers in the business.Team Print Shop is a clothing brand that does custom contract work in our Oakland, CA shop. Team Print Shop is a full service creative and technical shop with a full time Designer and Printer on staff.


UK brand Addict has teamed up with artist INSA on a series of t-shirts featuring his ‘Girls on Bikes’ project. Several of the images that the artist produced as part of the series at the time, have now been printed on t-shirts, for a small capsule collection in collaboration with Addict.

Arka’s tees

ARKA is a collective of complex-minded individuals with one simple goal… to create art you can wear. Inspired by pop culture, social movements, science, nature and whatever else we choose, there are no limits to where our imaginations will take us. The result is a thought provoking design that is as unique as the person wearing it.

B-movie inspired tees

Are you a fan of low-budget films? You know that guilty pleasure of watching rubber graves and plastic monsters. You think the best director ever was Ed Wood. Than my dear you should buy some b-movie inspired t-shirt. There are plenty of them online so you can choose the one that you like the most.

Film Shooters T-shirts

Today we start some series about t-shirts that could be made for specific occupational class. May we show something for talented and less gifted photographers first. Hope that this kind of outfit will help them to take a pretty fabulous shots.