Civil Ape’s Tees

Civil-Ape is a creative collective, located in St.Louis, MO. They began in early 2010 as a democratically curated network structured to share resources and foster collaboration. In a short time they’ve grown into a tightly knit team that provided an array of design services and create a variety of products.

Due’s Tees

Has someone been bugging you about your taste in clothes? We’re guessing it was probably Lithuanian designers due. In a refreshing departure from the softer side of nature, its range of fabulous T-shirts has been digitally printed with hyper-realistic images of insects. We think you’d agree, they’re a lot more interesting to look at than yet another picture of a cat. (fab)

Wolf t-shirts

Few years ago Three Wolf Moon t-shirt made by The Mountain company was an overnight interent sensation. Thousands of people buy that tee to gain special powers or attract numberless amount of women 😉 Today this animal’s pattern is still all the rage. Walking with your tees you can even hear some wolf whistle. Dont be shy, be a wolf!

Deer pattern t-shirt

Deer is an indisputable symbol of kitsch. It was obvious that sooner or later it will be all the rage pattern presented by famous models during catwalk show. It’s time has come now! Here you have some great propositions of very deery tees.

Panda t-shirts

Why panda? Maybe because it is so cute? Maybe because it has black patches around its eyes? Maybe because it lives in China? Nobody knows the reason why panda started to be one of the most repetitive pattern on t-shirt’s front …but do we really need the answer for that question? Let’s simply enjoy the beautiful panda-bear fashion trend.

Animal Face Shirts

Are you the animals lover? Not at all ? That doesn’t mean you can’t wear these absolutely unique animal face shirts form themountain. That company puts a lot of emphasis on being eco friendly. And these are not just a big words.